She begged for help: Kate Middleton’s last words before her disappearance were released

She begged for help: Kate Middleton's last words before her disappearance were released

The Duchess of Cambridge is having a hard time with cancer treatment.

Britain’s future queen has not been seen in public since December last year and it was only in March that she recorded a sad video announcing she had cancer. Since then, there has been no word from Kate Middleton, and it turns out that the British are not worried in vain.

Shortly before she completely disappeared from the radar, Prince William’s wife and her children became guests on the show ‘Incredible’ by England’s most popular illusionist, Derren Brown. Kate and her husband really liked the showman’s tricks, after which they went to chat backstage, where Middleton gave the magician a note.

“When she shook my hand, she pressed a small piece of folded paper into my palm. I looked at it later – there was only one word written in it – ‘Help’,” Brown wrote on social networks.

The illusionist’s post dates from last December, but only surfaced now, after it became known that the Princess of Wales would not be released until the end of this year.

The Daily Beast emphasizes that Middleton will not be able to appear in public in the coming months due to the complex therapy. As previously believed, Kate’s appearance has changed dramatically as a result of chemotherapy.

Insiders close to the royal court insisted the Duchess of Cambridge looked exhausted and tired, which only made it harder for Prince William and Kate Middleton to hide their devastating diagnosis from their children every day.

“The most important thing for her now is to avoid stress or anxiety and just do things aimed at recovery,” Kate’s friend, who wished to remain anonymous, assured the British press.

Photo source: British Royal Family / Social Media

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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