“Angel of White Roses”: Yuri Shatunov’s fans planted hundreds of flowers in his hometown

Yuriy Shatunov. Photo: social networks

Classmates and fans of singer Yuri Shatunov created an unusual monument in his hometown. They planted a flower street they called “Angel of White Roses”.

The song “White Roses”, like Shatunov’s other hits, has long become a symbol of a whole generation. And after the death of the singer, they literally received a second wind and became popular again.

The action was organized by classmates of the late artist. Many fans of the artist also joined them. They built a street in the village of Isyangulovo, Bashkiria. “The street consists only of white rose varieties. Additionally, three types of rose saplings were used for planting – from short ones to the tallest ones – 40 centimeters high. The area adjacent to the street had previously been landscaped and covered with tiles. It turned out very beautifully,” Bashinform quotes the singer’s classmate Olga Gavrilova.

Classmates and first teacher Yuri Shatunova. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that the lead singer of the “Tender May” group passed away on June 23, 2022. The artist was 48 years old. The cause of death was a massive heart attack.

Source: People Talk

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