Free or busy? JONY makes rare comment about his personal life

JONY came to Pavel Volya’s show. The 28-year-old musician talked about his dream in his conversation with the comedian.

JONY. Photo: social networks

The singer admitted that he has not yet met his love: “I want a family.” The hosts of the show, Pavel Volya and Ilya Sobolev, asked the artist how he sees his chosen one in the future. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” she said with a smile.

JONY also noted that the girl may not be Azerbaijani: “It is desirable, but still you cannot command your heart. All of these are desirable. Everything will come as it comes.”

A frame from the program “It Will Show”

JONY began to gain popularity after the release of the tracks “Friendzone”, “Star” and “Alley”. “How I came to music; I only made covers for myself. Then I decided to write my own music, I felt how important it was to write my own music,” he said in an interview with TNT in 2019. In the same year, the musician released his first solo album “List of Your Dreams”. He left Raava Music company, where he started his music journey, in 2021. The artist is now developing together with his team: he recently released a mini-album.

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