Why you shouldn’t save on sunglasses and how they can harm your health

I think no one will claim that sunglasses are the most necessary item in summer. But not everyone will agree that their choice should be approached carefully and responsibly, for example, when buying a bag or shoes. And it’s not just about the service life of this accessory. It is strongly not recommended to save money on low-quality sunglasses, as they can be harmful to health.

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We know how attractive the low prices of stylish and trendy sunglasses are in the mass market. But first, we recommend that you buy a “main” pair that will really protect you from the sun’s rays and not just serve as a fashion accessory. When choosing perfect glasses for summer, you first need to pay attention to the presence of an ultraviolet filter. It not only “darkens” the surrounding space, but also protects the eyes from UV radiation. And as you know, it can harm the body. Frequent sun exposure without quality glasses can lead to various eye diseases over time.

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The presence of this filter in branded accessories is usually indicated in a special passport of the product or on the temple of the glasses. The degree of protection is indicated by the letters UVB or UVA. You can also check your sunglasses at any optical store using a device called a spectrometer. If your favorite pair does not have the necessary degree of protection, it is better to use it only as an accessory, for example, at a party or for photos. But in sunny weather, it is recommended to wear glasses that will really protect not only from bright light, but also from harmful ultraviolet rays.

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