This is something you should absolutely do at home before going on holiday, according to a study

In an American study, 75% of those interviewed believe that it is essential to clean their home before going on holiday, otherwise they will feel stressed when they return.

When you return from holidays do you hate finding your house full of dirt and dust? You’re not the only ones. According to a survey conducted by market research firm Talker Research, three out of four Americans say they absolutely need to clean their home before going on summer vacation. And she ? More team, let’s leave the house in disarray? or we clean everything to leave relaxed.

Find a clean interior when you return from vacation

This survey conducted among 2000 Americans, looked at everyone’s habits before the holidays, as the summer season approaches. For three quarters of them, or 75%, one thing is certain: it is important to clean your home before going out.

A cleaning that begins more than two weeks before the trip. Thus, 77% of those interviewed focus cleaning on laundry, 66% on dishes and 58% on cleaning the bathroom.

The study also found that 66% of respondents are so excited about their next trip that they motivate themselves to clean up before they go. Therefore, the prospect of an upcoming trip can be a great source of motivation to encourage people to clean, because more than half of the respondents, or 51%, “ Fear » the idea of ​​having to clean your house after returning from a long holiday. A good reason to start before leaving.

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