Gender and sexual violence in hospitals: the government unveils four new measures

On Friday 31 May the Ministry of Health presented a series of measures to combat gender and sexual violence in the hospital sector.

There is an urgent need to put an end to intolerable practices. » These are the words of the Minister of Health Frederic Valletoux unveiling a first series of measures aimed at combating gender and sexual violence in the healthcare sector through a press release issued on Friday 31 May.

And for good reason, in recent weeks, following the publication of a survey in early April Paris match in which Karine Lacombehead of the infectious diseases department of the Paris hospital, blamed the media for the emergency Patrick Pelloux From ” sexual and moral harassment », many health workers denounce the violence they suffer.

Creation of a dedicated training path

Therefore, the government followed suit and announced four key measures. All staff in public hospitals and nursing homes will have to do so follow dedicated training to gender and sexual violence. This ” will be made mandatory from 2024, with a duration of 3 years, for all professional figures working in the health, social and medical-social structures of the public hospital service », indicated the Ministry of Health in a statement released by Agence France Presse.

One of the other key measures is the creation of a national team of expert investigators, which would help healthcare facilities in the event of reports of sexual and gender-based violence. Which, unlike today, would allow further investigations to be carried out following a complaint. This team” will help professionalize investigations ” and of ” prevent each other “, in particular to avoid suffocating businesses.

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The Ministry will also do it entrust an association specialized in supporting victims with the establishment of a " support device ». This system will have a “dedicated listening line” as well as a “ psychological, medical and professional support for victims ". The State will do it too create an annual barometer of sexual and gender-based violence For " measure the extent of the phenomenon and monitor its evolution over time as well as the impact of the measures "of prevention. A first series of measures that comes at the right time, given that sexist and sexual violence is striking” 78% of female doctors », said a to miss Last April Come on ELLES.

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