“They drive me crazy”: Aiza-Liluna Ai talked about her sleep problem

We already know Aiza-Liluna Ai’s problems in relationships, we just need to find out what happens in sleep. It would seem that there are no less difficulties there.

Aiza-Liluna Ai. Photo: social networks

The blogger said on his Telegram channel that the nightmares were driving him “crazy”. She dreams that she is fighting with her son Elvis and nearly hits him, and she wakes up crying, “broken and tired.” We know firsthand what this is like, we hope you can get rid of this problem as soon as possible!

Let’s remember that Aiza-Liluna Ai was married twice. She became engaged to Guf in 2008, and six years later the couple announced their divorce. In their marriage, they had a son named Sam, who recently turned 14. And the second marriage with Dmitry Anokhin lasted five years. From the surfer the girl gave birth to a son named Elvis.

Source: People Talk

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