Enjoy PowerA’s Pastel Pikachu Garden Accessories

PowerA recently launched some new features Pokemon themed accessories for Nintendo Switch. The Pikachu Garden collection consists of four items with adorable illustrations of Pikachu and pastel-colored flowers.

Items include an Advanced Wireless Controller ($64.99), an Advanced Nano Wireless Controller ($59.99), a Protective Case ($22.99), and a Shoulder Bag ($29.99).

PowerA was kind enough to send me a sample of all of these except the nano controller and everyone I showed them to thought they were really nice. I have already had experience with all of these products (just different aesthetics) minus the shoulder bag and they have all proven to be of good quality and are officially licensed.

I’ll quickly review each of the items, and if you like them, you can head over to PowerA’s site (affiliate link) or their retail partners to purchase them for yourself.

I think it’s important to note that the controllers have motion controls, but lack HD rumble, IR, and Amiibo NFC. I don’t care much for these last two, but the lack of rumble is something I’m not a fan of in the slightest.

The controller is nice and light, which some may like, but the lack of feedback can be annoying during gameplay. Other than that, the controller feels good in the hands and has two mappable buttons on the back, if you’re into those.

One last thing I want to point out is that it comes with a very sturdy 10 foot USB-C cable for pairing/charging which I like.

The protective case is quite standard. I’ve been using one of the previous PowerA’s since I got my Switch and have had no issues. In this Pikachu Garden case, I like how the zipper is a Pokeball.

It just adds a little more character. It also comes with a sturdy foam insert for Nintendo Switch Lite devices which are smaller than standard and OLED models. I found that you can fit an extra pair of Joy-Cons in the zippered case along with the wrist straps.

My singular complaint is that at first glance it looks like you’ll be able to fit 10 games inside, but one of the pockets is unusable with that capacity (though you could store extra micro SD cards if you have them).

Finally, we have the shoulder bag. This is a new product for me and I think it’s a good idea even if it seems a little more niche. Personally, if I have to take my Switch somewhere, I put it in the protective case and put it in my backpack with everything I need like my laptop, books, etc.

If I just needed to carry my Switch somewhere, this shoulder bag would work as a hands-free solution. It has multiple ways you can attach the strap to best suit your style and needs (harness, chest, etc.), the main pocket fits my OLED comfortably, and you can even pop in a controller (like the one from Pikachu Garden ), the front pocket zips open and holds an extra pair of Joy-Cons and eight game cartridges, and there’s also a small wallet case you can pop your phone into.

To test it, I personally clutched my OLED, Pikachu Garden controller, a couple of extra Joy-Cons, a few games, and my phone. I tried adding the sturdy cable that came with the controller, but that seemed to be a bridge too far. I’m sure a less robust cable would have worked.

I mean the extra controller adds a lot of bulk and makes things harder to pack and I would recommend leaving it at home and getting a charger instead if you can. This will lead to a less bulky and more convenient bag for your accessories.

I also want to note right now that the main pocket is well padded, but doesn’t have a hard layer like the protective case which isn’t a bad thing in itself, just worth noting.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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