“I still use this cult hair brand, despite the criticism”: Elia’s 4b textured hair routine

The creator of the jewelry brand Anicet, Elia, often wears her afro hair in Bantu knots (a protective hairstyle that resembles many small cabbages). She reveals to Madmoizelle her favorite products, maintenance tips and other tips and tricks through her curly hair routine.

In addition to the cute recycled jewelry from her brand Anicet that she always wears, Elia Pradel is also recognizable thanks to her signature hairstyle: Bantu knots. Like so many mini cabbages on your head, they allow you to protect your afro hair with style. In addition to this protective hairstyle, the 31-year-old stylist has other good tips for taking care of your hair. So here it is curly hair routine.

Have you always been okay with your textured hair?

I grew up in Guadeloupe and although textured hair was always popular, very kinky hair like mine wasn’t necessarily. So I regularly had softening treatments (which are actually straightening, but apparently less strong) until I was about 15.

How would you describe the nature of your hair?

Frizzy and thick, more like 4b on the Walker scale.

This Walker scale goes from 1 to 4: 1 corresponds to straight hair, 2 to wavy hair, 3 to curly hair and 4 to frizzy hair, while the letter ranging from A to C refers to the hold of the curls and their density .

What is your hair routine when you wake up/in the morning?

Break down the braids or bantu knots, make sense of it all using your fingers, and let’s start the day!

Bantu knots have become the signature of my hair, I have been doing them almost always for almost 2 years.

I could write a book about this hairstyle that I really like, even though lately I’ve been going back to the Afro cut. A bit like all black girls, my mother did it to me when I was little in Guadeloupe. And then during one of my recent trips to Guadeloupe, I redid this hairstyle. It’s time to go back to Paris, I had an important appointment and I’m wondering whether or not I’ll keep my hairstyle. My mother encourages me to keep it. And I ended up keeping it longer than expected. For several reasons: it’s a hairstyle that allows you to start a conversation (laughs). People on the street smile, older black ladies look at you and tell you how much it reminds them of their childhood.

What is your possible hair routine before bed?

I moisturize and detangle my hair two to three times a week when I do braids or bantu hair before going to bed. I just try to never go to bed with my hair loose in the open air otherwise waking up afterwards is too painful.

What’s your shampoo routine when you’re short on time?

I think I’m a terrible student. Initially I had a well-established routine (oil bath, shampoo, conditioner, mask). Now, I only do shampoo and a mask every two weeks. I mainly use Shea Moisture products. Despite the criticism of the new formulas, I still use this brand for shampoo, conditioner, mask.

What is your shampoo routine when you have a lot of time, if it is different from the previous one?

When I have a little more time, i.e. when I'm on holiday. I do the total with oil bath, shampoo, conditioner, mask.

When this happens to me, I often use pure, organic products. Making a mixture of oils: castor, avocado, rosemary.

What's your go-to hairstyle for those days when your hair isn't cooperating?

I have my own Bantu knots that I tie regularly. Or another hairstyle whose name I don't know but which involves lifting them towards the front of the head using tights and an afro cut.

Do you have a specific routine or hairstyle for the days you workout?

Oh well, no! I don't have a special sporty hairstyle. I just like to feel comfortable, so I never sport my afro hair.

What's your hairstyle for special occasions?

My afro, which is my most beautiful crown. Or my Bantu knots.

What product has revolutionized your routine?

The most basic: mineral water and castor oil. Before, Shea Moisture products all worked well on my hair type. Now that's no longer the case and I'm still looking for a good milk for daily styling!

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