Jennifer Lopez made peace with her friend who opposed her marriage to Ben Affleck

Amid rumors of possible divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, new details emerge about their relationship. Page Six managed to learn that J. Lo has reconciled with her friend Leah Remini, with whom she had a fight before marrying the actor. Because he was against actor relationships.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Photo: Getty Images

Allegedly, Remini then reminded the singer of the reason why they broke up when they first started dating. “Because he is selfish and not fully committed to his partner,” a source told the publication.

“JLo got so angry she cut all ties,” he added. The singer did not even invite him to the wedding.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini. Photo: Getty Images

It was learned that Jennifer Lopez canceled her summer tour amid divorce rumors. The singer said she needed to be with her family. Some insiders suggested that the reason for this lies in lower sales.

Source: People Talk

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