“How similar you are”: Miroslava Karpovich shared images with her sister and nephew

Last summer, the younger sister of “Daddy’s Girls” star Miroslava Karpovich gave birth to her first child – Kristina Birk had a daughter named Rada. The actor shared rare images with his sister and nephew today.

Miroslava Karpovich. Photo: social networks

“Happy holidays everyone. “The first of June,” Karpovich wrote in the title of the video. The artist’s subscribers noted that they were like two peas in an apple pod: “How similar you are”, “All the beauties”, “How beautiful.”

Note that Karpovich also has a brother named Andrei.

Miroslava Karpovich with her brother. Photo: social networks

Little is known about the personal life of Miroslava Karpovich. The actor prefers to keep this part of his life private. “Everything about me on the Internet and news portals is so wonderful! Let’s not take away people’s creativity. I hug everyone, shake hands, of course I love them. Peace,” he said in an interview with HELLO! in 2022.

We also note that there have long been rumors on the Internet that the star is dating Pavel Priluchny. In one of his last interviews, the artist stated that he has an excellent relationship with the star of “Major”.

Source: People Talk

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