Must buy: Things that should be in your wardrobe for June 7

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Shopping is a kind of therapy. Even though psychologists say otherwise, we believe that a new pair of shoes never hurt anyone (except your debit card balance). I agree, sometimes sequined trousers, a furry top and a bag in metallic tones do a great job of lifting your mood and reminding you that the most important thing in this life is not to shy away from being cool.

However, it is useful to remember that everything has a limit of the mind. And impulsive shopping can be dangerous. First of all, you will spend more money than you want. Secondly, a product purchased on such an impulse may become unnecessary. Thirdly, this approach is completely contrary to the rules of reasonable consumption.

The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department recommends approaching shopping more consciously and buying only things you really need. That’s why we decided to create a new “Must Buy” section where we will talk about the most desired things of the month. Here are seven things that will definitely come in handy in June.

When else to wear a dress if not in the summer? Everyone will probably agree that this is the season when you especially want to dress up, share photos on social networks and take a break from oversized t-shirts that annoy your teeth. If all of the above resonates with you, we recommend that you get acquainted with the new collection of Russian brand Polina Repik Bloom & Blossom. Inside we found trendy dresses with knots available in two colors: terracotta and blue. Meanwhile, the brand team recommends styling the product with Adras corsets. This unique technique allows you to completely change the mood of the image. It is worth adding that the main material of the Bloom & Blossom collection is handmade and colorful straws and is produced in Uzbekistan, where the brand’s campaign shootings took place.

St. Petersburg brand Arny Praht has long been producing not only fashionable bags and accessories, but also clothes. For example, recently the team presented a new denim collection consisting of jeans with pockets, long skirts, classic denim jackets and even trench coats. But our favorite is the denim top that looks like it’s made from old jeans. The lower part of the top is decorated with decorative belt loops and, of course, a fly. You can combine such a complex top with a basic bottom. Straight skirts, jorts, capri pants and Bermuda shorts made of cotton and linen are at your service.

In the summer you can’t have too many dresses, so the The Fashion Vibes fashion department recommends not denying yourself the desire to purchase various options for different occasions. For get-togethers and meetings with friends on the veranda, a soft pink dress with ruffles from the Russian brand All We Need from the new Sun Dreams collection is perfect. By the way, the real “trick” is its transformation. So you can leave these ruffles as is, throw one side over your shoulder (to create a scarf of sorts), or wrap them around your belt to emphasize your waist.

Linen is the main material of summer. On a hot day, items made from this fabric will serve as salvation from the hot sun, and will also give you a feeling of comfort and coolness. By the way, for the last few seasons designers have been actively using this lightweight fabric in their collections. And Russian brands are no exception. Recently the local brand Totti presented the “Fine Emotions” collection, the basis of which is linen products. You’ll find cropped jackets, Bermuda shorts, slim shirts, dresses and vests on the website and in stores. It turned out that the brand’s design team was especially successful in the latter. And we recommend adding the item to your wish list for several reasons. First of all, the vest will look appropriate both in the office and on a walk with friends. Secondly, it can be combined with both classic and loose jeans.

Kimono is a must-have for summer. And all because of its versatility. You can wear this summer wardrobe as a dress by tightening the belt at the waist, or style it with a mini skirt so that the look does not look too revealing for the metropolis. It is possible to find minimalist models in the new collection of the Russian brand Mellow. Kimonos are offered on the site in three basic colors: white, black and sand. And it is made of 100% cotton.

If you read the fashion section on the The Fashion Vibes website, you know for sure that the entire fashion community is in favor of transparent business this season. Some rely on skirts, some on bodysuits, but we recommend you pay attention to shirts. You can find trendy translucent models in the Novaya brand collection. If a logical question arises in your mind about what you should wear it with so as not to look provocative, we will be happy to answer it. Wear a bandeau top, a thin-strap tank top, or a bodysuit under your shirt. And the product can be coolly stylized with a minimalist combination.

Recently, the trend of wardrobe items with open shoulder lines is gaining momentum again. Because this style came to us since the 2000s. Remember at least one of the images of Rachel McAdams in the movie “Mean Girls”. There, Regina (the actress’s character) wore off-the-shoulder black long-sleeved blue skinny jeans, paired with a pink luxury brand belt and a letter necklace. Modern street style heroes recommend wearing this product with jorts, maxi skirts, low-rise jeans and, of course, trendy capri trousers.

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