Funny mistakes in ‘My Fair Nanny’: how the sister ‘disappeared’ and the earrings became magical

Funny mistakes in 'My Fair Nanny': how the sister 'disappeared' and the earrings became magical

The intricacies of the plot sometimes confused even the directors themselves.

“My Fair Nanny” became one of the most popular TV series in Russia quite soon after its premiere – viewers eagerly awaited the new adventures of nanny Vika and the Shatalin family. The heroine of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk charmed the Russians so much that they even forgave the numerous shortcomings of the comedy.

Despite a decent budget and popular admiration, the series couldn’t avoid the biggest problem of most low-budget sitcoms. In almost every second episode, a microphone could be seen from above in the frame, although this moment could have easily been cut in editing and not become a thorn in the side of the viewers.

The crew members in charge of the props were also pretty weird. For example, in one of the episodes, when the character of Philip Bledny (Venik from Daddy’s Daughters) asked his nanny Vika to help him get into Maxim Shatalin’s musical, the earrings on her ears mysteriously disappeared and then appeared in the frame, depending on the angel.

But okay, earrings – Lyuba’s mother “disappeared now and then appeared”… another daughter!

In the episode entitled ‘New Old Star’, another tenant appears in the Shatalins’ house, namely Nina Prutkovskaya, Vika’s sister. In the dialogues between the girls it becomes clear that the heroine Lyubov Polishchuk is their common mother, but the unfortunate mother herself did not think so.

In another episode, mother Lyuba, scolding the heiress, declared that she was the only one. Maybe at some point, even before the events of the series, Nina had a fight with her parents and cut her out of her life? Either way, we’ll never know the truth – neither Vicky’s nanny nor her charismatic mother are alive.

Photo source: Still from the series “My Fair Nanny”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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