“My world turned upside down”: Yulia Parshuta talked about the betrayal of a loved one

Yulia Parshuta told her fans on a banned social network that she is going through a difficult time now.

Julia Parshuta. Photo: social networks

The Russian singer admitted that he was betrayed by a loved one. “My little world was turned upside down the other day, my broken heart burst out of my chest. “A loved one betrayed him vilely and vilely,” he wrote.

The artist said that he was depressed. “I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to sleep, my heart is crying, I don’t want to believe, I don’t want to pronounce, I don’t want beauty and joy,” confessed Parshuta.

He added that he finds strength in music: “At the same time, I want to live to the last cell and sing until the last note.”

Note that Yulia Parshut is generally believed to be in a relationship with musician Mark Tishman. However, the singer had previously denied the rumors saying that it was just friendship between them.

Julia Parshuta and Mark Tishman. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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