Ruzil Minekaev came out with his one-year-old son. See their photos

25-year-old Ruzil Minekaev is not only a sought-after actor but also a good family man. Success in the cinema and a huge army of fans do not prevent him from being a caring father and husband. He and his wife Aziza are raising a one-year-old son.

Ruzil Minekaev with his wife Aziza. Photo: social networks

The artist is active on social networks where he shares both professional and personal news. Today Ruzil informed the subscribers of the Telegram channel that she appeared in public with the baby. “We were at Aziza’s performance yesterday,” she wrote and posted a sweet family photo.

In the photo, Ruzil poses next to Aziza, who is holding her son in a beige summer suit. The couple smiles happily, posing for the camera; everything shows that they are happy.

Ruzil Minekaev with his wife and son. Photo: social networks

True, the other day Aziza mentioned that she had a nervous breakdown. It seems that it is not easy for her to combine work and caring for a small child. Also, earlier the girl had complained about her husband’s fans screaming under her windows at night.

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