Nicole Kidman admitted she had a nervous breakdown for the first time during her divorce from Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman made a sincere confession. The actress said she had a hard time breaking up with Tom Cruise. As it turned out, the divorce case coincided with the shooting of the movie “Panic Room”, which was released in 2002. As a result, the actress refused to participate in the film, and the role went to Jodie Foster.

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Getty Images

The star assured that she would not regret her decision. According to the artist, it is wrong to think that all women in the cinema industry compete with each other. “I felt really bad. I realized I was having a nervous breakdown. And thank God Jodie took over,” Nicole shared and thanked her colleague for their help.

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Getty Images

Foster, who was with Kidman for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, said he was happy to attend social events with her. He stated that he did not feel jealousy or hatred towards Nicole.

Kidman has previously spoken about the unusual situation at her father’s funeral. When he saw my father in the coffin, he started laughing and couldn’t stop.

Source: People Talk

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