“His wife is very lucky”: Chris Evans was spotted filming “The Materialists”

Filming for the movie “The Materialists,” starring Dakota Johnson, Chris Evans and Pedro Pascal, is currently underway in New York. The internet is actively discussing new footage of perhaps one of this year’s most anticipated movies.

Commentators write under Chris Evans’ photo: “This wind in my hair… But then I remember he’s married”, “Chris Evans always looks so sexy”, “His wife is so lucky”.

Netizens also noted Dakota Johnson: “The most gorgeous woman in the world.”

The plot tells the story of a professional matchmaker named Lucy (Dakota Johnson). She falls in love with a rich man who was once her client. However, the girl cannot forget her ex-boyfriend, a simple waiter.

The film was written and directed by Celine Son. Previously, his film Past Lives was nominated for an Oscar in two categories: Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. However, it was not possible to get the coveted statuette.

Source: People Talk

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