Agata Mutsenice showed how she spent time with Ivan Chuikov and children for the first time after the kiss

Agata Muceniece shared a new video with Ivan Chuikov and the children from his previous marriage. The actor showed how he walks with the presenter and the guys in the park. According to the star of Closed School, Ivan gets along easily with Timofey and Mia.

Agata Muceniece and Ivan Chuikov. Photo: social networks

The actor shared a video in which Chuikov helps his son get on his feet. The teenager decided to skate on the bungee. Muceniece allowed the boy to commit an extreme act under Chuikov’s supervision. The celebrity commented, “The kids’ favorite entered the conversation.”

Ivan and Agatha have been suspected of having an affair since April. It all started with a photo shoot, where the actress and the presenter embraced tenderly. Later, colleagues met at the premiere of the cabaret show.

Later, Chuikov and Muceniece admitted that they were actually connected: they were supposed to host the awards of the RU.TV channel. The network expressed confidence that their close relationship would draw attention to the event. But at the awards, Ivan and Agata surprised everyone. They kissed on stage Alexander Revva, who was nearby, said they had been dating for two months.

Source: People Talk

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