“I moved to live in the village”: Ksenia Borodina surprised her fans with an unexpected statement

The TV presenter announced that he had radically changed his life by publishing a series of photos from the countryside in his microblog. “I moved to live in the village. This is the only content now,” the businesswoman wrote.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks

Ksenia Borodina published photos in which she posed next to firewood and a calf. She also showed what the “look of the day” will look like now.

“But the beauty here is such a beauty that all the dazzling life is instantly forgotten,” said the artist. “No more PR and hype. Now there is only shishiga,” said Ksenia Borodina. She also posted images of the car.

The unexpected statement of the famous actor surprised his fans. But in fact it turned out that Ksenia Borodina was on a business trip, and the village setting was a shooting environment.

Source: People Talk

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