Blondes at work: 7 films about bright beauties

Today is International Blonde Day. On this occasion, we decided to make a selection of movies featuring hot beauties! Spoiler: It’s not just Reese Witherspoon’s involvement.

1. “Blonde on Air”

A still from the movie “Blonde on Air”

The main character (Elizabeth Banks) wants to be a news anchor. But his dream is under threat. A girl finds herself far from Los Angeles, without a phone, car, passport or money, and has only eight hours to land her dream interview. The film was directed by Steven Brill.

2. “Last Night in Soho”

A still from the movie “Last Night in Soho”

Edgar Wright’s stylish retro horror film with Anya Taylor-Joy. A young country girl named Eloise is crazy about the 60s, she lived with her grandmother all her life and now she goes to London to study as a clothing designer and rents a room that has not been renovated for a long time. from an elderly owner. On her first night in a new place, She either has a very realistic dream or is transported to her favorite era in the form of a gorgeous blonde who sets out to conquer the Soho night.

3. “Barbie”

Margot Robbie in the movie “Barbie”

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in a Barbie world, or rather Greta Gerwig’s movie about how a plastic blonde is kicked out of Barbieland for not meeting the beauty standards. He then begins a new life in the real world, where he discovers that perfection can only be achieved through inner harmony.

4. “Blonde”

A frame from the movie “Blonde”

Marilyn Monroe passed away 60 years ago, but she still remains one of Hollywood’s most discussed and mysterious figures. Stars never stop gravitating towards the pop diva image, and films about Monroe’s life still cause great interest among the public. Thus, in 2022, the premiere of Andrew Dominik’s biographical film “Blonde” starring Ana de Armas took place.

5. “Lucy”

A frame from the movie “Lucy”

Luc Besson’s great action movie with Scarlett Johansson. Just yesterday she was a sexy blonde, today she is the most dangerous and deadly creature on the planet, with supernatural abilities and intelligence. Where is it going?

6. “Visiting Alice”

A still from the movie “Visiting Alice”

Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) is an exemplary mother and housewife. But once a year, on her birthday, she has a lot of fun. And so, at a party, Alice attracts the attention of three teenagers at once, and now each of the fans is trying to win her favor. The situation becomes even more tense when Alice’s ex-husband suddenly returns and wants her back. movie critics movie
Holly Meyers-Shyer isn’t highly rated, but it’s perfect for a cozy evening at home.

7. “Come on, goodbye!”

“Come on, goodbye!” a frame from the movie

Luke leaves charming writer Lola (yes, the Greta Gerwig who directed Barbie) on the eve of his wedding, and now Lola must find the strength to live, build a career, and fall in love again. Will it be successful? The director of the movie is Daryl Wayne.

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