This French city is one of the best in the world for eating (and it’s not Paris)

The international lifestyle media “Time Out” has listed the twenty cities in the world where you eat well. Among them, this city in the south-east of France occupies an excellent position.

What are the twenty best cities to eat in the world? The international edition of Time out he has an idea. On Wednesday 29 May the lifestyle media listed the most gastronomic cities in the world. Between them, a single French cityand no, it’s not the capital.

Lyon, the most gastronomic city in France

Thereby, Lyon it is the best French city to eat in, being located in sixteenth place of the rank. The chef’s hometown Paolo Bocau it is then acclaimed for its local specialties, like his Brioche-type sausageor even his now famous one Tacos, tortilla filled with chips, cheese and/or meat. Especially since 18 restaurants in the city are decorated with one or more stars in the Michelin guide.

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According to Time Out, “ Lyon's reputation for excellent cuisine remains, but not for the reasons you might expect. (…) No more traffic jams of tourists and meat in Old Lyon. Make way for fusion and vegetarian cuisine, promoted by young chefs ". The media then recommends the restaurant's French-Lebanese cuisine Ayla located in the 6th arrondissement, which is the French-Mexican fusion restaurant Alebrije from the Croix-Rousse district.

And in the rest of the ranking? Time out claims it is the best city in the world for eating Naples, in Italy, for its pizzas. In second place there is Johannesburgin South Africa, followed by File in Peru.

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