“I understand that I am a child”: Bill Skarsgard criticizes the creators of the movie “It”

Bill Skarsgard. Photo: Getty Images

Bill Skarsgård, 33, who played Pennywise in It, said that the role caused him problems. The actor criticized the creators of the film seven years after its release.

Skarskard believes that posting a photo of himself as Pennywise the clown for promotional purposes was not the best decision. Some fans of the novel criticized the footage, calling it stupid and non-canonical, which deeply hurt the actor.

A still from the movie “O”

“When you are 26, you don’t feel young at all, but now I realize that I am a child. It was too early to take on something where there was so much interest and expectations,” Skarsgård told Esquire.

Meanwhile, it was Skarsgard’s acting talent that saved the situation. He played the role convincingly and won many fans. Now he’s facing the classic movie villain again. The actor will play the main role in the movie “Nosferatu”.

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