In Nantes, a drag queen show canceled due to LGBT threats

A bar targeted by a wave of death threats and LGBTI-phobic hate has had to cancel a drag show that was due to take place on Thursday 30 May.

Anti-drag hate continues to grow. A bar in Nantes paid the price on Thursday 30 May. The owners were forced to cancel a drag show after receiving it “a wave » of homophobic and transphobic messages on social networks, reports France Blue Loire Ocean. The bar’s management has announced that it will press charges against three people.

Repeated threats

The evening had to have a title ” My sister “ and its poster depicted dag queens dressed as nuns and priests. Spread on social networks by a far-right account followed by 130,000 subscribers, the image provoked a wave of conservative reactions, with some internet users accusing the initiative of “Christianophobia”.

Kévin, one of the owners of the bar, with whom he spoke France Bluedescribes a flow of “Messages asking us to cancel the evening with threats. There were messages insulting the LGBT community and death threats. » Sometimes these were comments posted directly under the bar publication, sometimes private messages.

Also the LGBTQI+ NOSIG association of Nantes, interviewed by France Blue, remember that unfortunately these attacks are not isolated. The association reports it “Windows tagged, pride marches vandalized in Nantes. In our office we had damage with Celtic crosses [devenu un symbole pour les mouvements d’extrême droite, ndlr] and fleur-de-lys as signatures. We are quite accustomed to the fact “.

Hate imported from the USA

In France it is not the first time that an initiative involving drag queens has ended up in the crosshairs of conservatives. In December 2022, La Maryposa was the target of real harassment following the announcement of her participation in a cabaret for young people.

This anti-drag fight is imported directly from the United States, where for several years the conservative right has been waging a ferocious fight against drag shows, in the name of pseudo-protection of the youngest. In 2022, activists from the far-right group Proud Boys attacked, for example, children's reading sessions led by drag queens in some municipal libraries, calling them brainwashing and accusing the speakers of being of potential use. pedophiles ». This The issue of child welfare is conservatives' favorite wild card who use it at all costs to best disguise their uninhibited LGBTQIA phobia.

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