3 deodorants that really work for summer

Sweat is a natural result of the thermoregulation process. This is how the body cools itself. In summer, when the temperature outside rises, the sweating process becomes accordingly more active, and this is completely normal. Still, you want to feel fresh and comfortable even in +30 degree heat. Therefore, below we share with you our favorites – deodorants that work well in the summer and even during active sports.

Antiperspirant deodorant Librederm against excessive sweating

Antiperspirant deodorant Librederm against excessive sweating, RUR 615.

Librederm is based on an antibacterial complex that activates when sweat appears, reducing sweating and absorbing unpleasant odors. Moreover, it does this for 72 hours, which is quite a long time for a deodorant. Another advantage of the product is its hypoallergenic formula, which does not contain alcohol and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Roll-on deodorant Rituel Douceur, Payot

Roll-on deodorant Rituel Douceur, Payot, 1150 rub.

This Payot deodorant wowed me with its scent. It is soft and does not weigh down the perfume, but at the same time creates a feeling of cleanliness. Since its formula consists of 86% natural ingredients and does not contain alcohol, the deodorant does not dry or irritate the skin.

Vichy roll-on deodorant that regulates excessive sweating

Roll-on deodorant that regulates excessive sweating Vichy, 1,350 RUR.

This deodorant always works regardless of season or physical activity. It dries quickly, does not leave marks on clothes, and regulates excessive sweating even during active sports. And even a regular trip to the store in the heat can be considered a physical activity, so deodorant is ideal for summer.

If you feel that you are sweating more than usual, here we will talk with dermatologists how to understand that this problem is not far off and there are ways to solve it.

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