‘Not on my shift’: Woody Harrelson risked his life to save a friend

Woody Harrelson. Photo: Getty Images

Actor Woody Harrelson, 62, saved musician Darius Rucker from death. The man was being sucked into a vortex.

Rucker mentioned this incident in his memoirs. The artist writes that they went on a short vacation together in the early nineties. While the men were resting, they decided to swim to a small island. Darius fell into a strong current and began to be pulled to the bottom.

The True Detective star jumped into the rapids to save his friend. They spent about half an hour in the stream. Rucker said his entire life flashed before his eyes during this time.

“I tried to regain control, but I failed every time. I looked at Woody, saw his face, and I had no doubt that I was going to die. I told Woody to open his hands and let me go, but he didn’t give up and said: “Are you going to die? It’s not on my shift!” Darius Rucker remembers.

Fortunately, they were spotted by another friend who remained on shore and helped Harrelson pull the already unconscious singer ashore.

Source: People Talk

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