3 films by directors of Palestinian origin to better understand the Palestinian experience

On the eve of its tenth edition, the Ciné-Palestine festival has highlighted 3 films in its programming. A way to better understand the richness of Palestinian culture.

Fighting for Palestine means fighting for the survival and dignity of human lives, but it also means preventing culture does not die. And precisely, whether literary, artistic or cinematic, Palestinian culture is abundant.

Who better to advise you than the members of the Ciné Palestine festival 3 magnificent films, which testify to the richness of this culture. This association promotes Palestinian cinema through awareness of the struggle. It raises awareness of Palestinian history a film club, a festival, a short film competition is one tutoring programwhich allows Palestinian filmmakers to make their voices heard internationally.

The good news is that these three films are all directed by Palestinian directors. The other good news is that they are all easily accessible as they will all be shown in cinemas during the festival, including the The tenth edition will take place from 30 May to 2 June in Marseille, then from 7 to 16 June in Paris and Ile-de-France. Enough to devour Palestinian films profitable their directors, instead of seeing them illegally.

A selection of films that reflects the multiplicity of oppressions in Palestine, depending on the territories and their situations

Garance, member of the Palestine cinema association, explains to us which films were chosen “they are interested in different regions of Palestine”. The situation is different when we are in occupied Palestine, such as in the West Bank or Gaza. All of these daily lives are affected by Israeli colonization, but do not experience the same types of oppression.

The Master, by Farah Nabulsi

The teacher is a fiction feature film directed by Farah Nabulsi. He is worn by one of the most famous Palestinian actors, Saleh Bakri and immerses us in the life of a Palestinian teacher in the West Bank.

A political activist, this teacher falls in love with a British woman who works in the humanitarian field. The teacher takes Adam, one of her students, under her protection and tries to balance work and political commitment. But a tragedy that occurs early in the film will upset his plans and lead him into a much deeper struggle than he imagined. The teacher highlights the Israeli army’s daily violence against Palestinians, particularly through land grabs and checkpoints.

Bye bye Tiberias, by Lina Soualem

You may have already seen it Hello Tiberias by Lina Soualem during its release in cinemas last February. Cinema theaters on display complete in practically every preview of the film. This intimate documentary explores the stories of four generations of Palestinian women in the director’s family. A way of questioning the notions of transmission and inheritancein a context where colonization does everything to destroy them. Bye bye Tiberias offers an insider’s perspective on travel restrictions and the treatment of Palestinians second class citizens. Lina Soualem, already recognized for her film Their Algeriaoffers us here an essential work to understand the intimate and personal consequences of colonization. An essential film for anyone interested in Palestinian history and culture.

Vibrations from Gaza, by Rehab Nazzal

Vibrations from Gaza is a 16-minute documentary short film produced in 2023 by Rehab Nazzal. It immerses us in the daily lives of deaf and dumb children living in Gaza. What makes this documentary uniqueit is the importance given to sound. Vibrations from Gaza it is a sensory immersion into the lives of these children, where the incessant noise of military aircraft highlights the constant tension they face. A short work but of notable intensity, which makes us feel the daily pressure suffered by the inhabitants of Gaza.

After Israel’s deadly offensive in Rafah, you may be wondering how to help the Palestinians. The organization Medical aid to the Palestinians offer medical and humanitarian aid thanks to the money raised with their online kitty.

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