Top 5 moisturizers that could make a difference in your beauty routine

  • Ideal for dry skin

  • Ideal for oily skin

  • Ideal for normal skin

  • Ideal for treating dehydration

  • Ideal for acne-prone skin

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Since hydration is one of the essential pillars of skin well-being, we have tested 5 different moisturizers for you, each as effective as the other in its field.

Even if the skin knows how to implement mechanisms to protect itself from external aggressions and maintain its balance, the application of a moisturizing cream (whatever your type) is recommended to keep it fresh, plump and comfortable throughout the day. Don’t know which one to choose? We come to help you based on the type and condition of your skin!

Since every skin has different needs, it would be difficult to evaluate the best moisturizer based on the same criteria. So that this article can speak to as many people as possible, we have slightly changed the rules and evaluated which is the best cream for each skin type and condition. Our FAQ should also help answer any questions you may have

Ideal for dry skin: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair facial moisturizer

Madmoizelle rating: 18/20

  • Very hydrating and nourishing
  • Does not leave a greasy finish

Although the First Air Beauty brand is not yet well known in France, its moisturizer dedicated to dry skin is definitely worth a detour. Rich without being sticky (which is quite rare when it comes to creams dedicated to this type of skin), it gives the skin comfort, hydration, nourishment and elasticity. Since dry skin is lacking in lipids which must be replenished quickly and risks causing discomfort, this product has an immediate action which makes it absolutely indispensable. Say goodbye to feelings of tension!

Best for Oily Skin: Pai Skincare Pioneer Moisturizing Cream

Madmoizelle rating: 17/20

  • Rebalances without drying the skin
  • Moisturizing and light

Oily skin needs to be hydrated like all other skin types. But not exactly in the same way. If dry skin will need oil-based hydrating active ingredients, oily or combination skin will need water and rebalancing active ingredients to modulate sebum production. Quality that Pai’s rebalancing moisturizing cream possesses. Alone, it mattifies, soothes redness and also prevents the appearance of imperfections. All this, without inflaming the epidermis with overly powerful active ingredients.

Ideal for normal skin: super day moisturizing cream from the Sephora collection

Madmoizelle rating: 15/20

  • Leaves skin plumped
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • An explosion of hyaluronic acid

Even if normal skin manages to balance itself, it still needs help to maintain a good level of hydration, elasticity and a good dose of luminosity in the complexion. Since this moisturizer from the Sephora Collection contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E (antioxidant), it does this job perfectly. Designed with 96% natural ingredients, it consolidates the hydrolipidic barrier and increases the elasticity of skin tissues… In short, an excellent quality-price ratio.

Ideal for treating dehydration: Innisfree gel cream

Madmoizelle rating: 18/20

  • Absolute lightness
  • Leaves skin glowing
  • Ideal for combination, oily or dehydrated skin

Whether you have normal or dehydrated skin, you’ll love this hydrating jelly. And when we say you’ll love it, we weigh our words. What we appreciated most about this treatment, the effectiveness of which is no longer to be proven, is first of all its creamy texture which is as light as water (which can be disorienting at first). Secondly, what stands out is the immediate brightness it gives to the complexion once absorbed. Not to mention the comfort and hydration it provides… What else can I say other than this beauty routine is a favorite?

Ideal for acne-prone skin: Paula’s Choice Clear Day Cream SPF 30

Madmoizelle rating: 17.5/20

  • Moisturizing without weighing it down
  • Leaves skin comfortable
  • Rebalances sebum production/reduces excess sebum

When the skin tends to give in to imperfections, the first thing we think about is drying it out. Well, imagine that this is a myth that simply dies hard. What your acne-prone skin actually needs is for you to provide it with care that allows it to stay balanced, tighten pores (if you want), reduce excess sebum, and fade its blemishes. To do this, you must choose a light, fat-free cream, whose active ingredients such as green tea will act deeply to purify without drying. The one from Paula's Choice is ideal because in addition to having these qualities, its formula has an SPF 30 (chemical filter) to protect you from pigmentation spots and scars... Nice work Paula Begoun!

best moisturizers // Source: Paula's Choice

Questions you probably ask yourself about moisturizers

What is the best cream for very dry skin?

Since you have carefully read our entire guide, you already know the answer! In case you have a lapse in memory, it is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair facial moisturizer. Specially designed for this type of skin, its formula acts directly on lipid deficiency, one of the main causes of dryness. Furthermore, its texture is not sticky unlike traditional creams for dry skin.

Which cream contains the most hyaluronic acid/best anti-aging moisturizer?

Since the creams offered in this selection have no anti-aging action, none of them contain hyaluronic acid. The products you find here are only there to moisturize different skin types and problems.

What is the most hydrating cream in the world?

On a global level we don't know, but in this selection it is the Innisfree gel cream that wins the battle and it is already a great victory! Its use is in fact ideal for skin that is not dry, but very dehydrated. Once applied, it will give your complexion a feeling of comfort and unparalleled luminosity.

What is the best facial moisturizer?

In reality there is no best cream, but rather a cream that suits your needs more than others.

So what is the right cream for your face?

Reformulated like this it's even better! For dry skin, the most suitable choice is Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer by First Aid Beauty and its formula that fills the lack of lipids responsible for dryness. Otherwise opt for Innisfree gel cream in case of dehydration. Oily skin, for its part, needs Pai Skincare's Pioneer treatment concentrated in water and rebalancing active ingredients, everything these skin types need. Contrary to what many people think, even acne-prone skin needs adequate hydration. And with Paula's Choice Clear Day Cream SPF 30, excess sebum will be reduced and skin will be purified without drying out.

What is the best body moisturizer?

As for the face, it is not the best body cream you should look for but the one that best suits your needs. Our advice is the same as for choosing the face cream you find just above.

Can we buy these moisturizing creams in pharmacies or parapharmacies?

None of the creams in this selection can be purchased in pharmacies or parapharmacies. To find the list of sites and places where to buy them, consult our inserts dedicated to each product.

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