Margarita Mamun explained that she was abused by a coach in her childhood

Margarita Mamun gave a long interview to Vita Kravchenko, in which she frankly talked about childhood abuse.

Margarita Mamun. Photo: social networks

The Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics admitted that it took from 9 to 13 years.

“He did different things but the worst, thankfully, didn’t happen in my case. But they sit on their knees and supposedly give a foot massage. “At such moments, I am completely paralyzed,” he shared candidly.

A frame from the “Vitya Kravchenko” YouTube channel

The gymnast stated that she did not fully understand what was going on and said, “I realized that something was wrong, that I was uncomfortable, that I was afraid, that it shouldn’t be like this, but I couldn’t understand it.”

Margarita Mamun added that she would sue him if he were alive: “I would love that because he has caused so much pain to so many people.”

The athlete admitted that he suggested installing an alarm in the apartment because he felt great fear after marriage.

In 2019, Margarita Mamun became a mother for the first time. She gave birth to a son from swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov. The girl admitted that it was motherhood that pushed her to tell this story honestly.

We have previously written about signs that most likely indicate that a person is mentally ill and you need to end the relationship with such a person, as well as how to recognize moral violence (we are not just talking about aggression). Take care of yourself and do not remain silent about your pain.

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