These foods NOT to bring on a picnic (beware of food poisoning)

As the summer season approaches, picnics by the sea are no longer a distant horizon. To enjoy it without getting sick, here are the five foods to avoid during days at the beach.

The last thing you want is for people to go home and remember their time at the beach only because they got sick “. And for good reason. Summer and holidays are now upon us, as well as organizing picnics on the beach. But according to the American emergency doctor Giovanni TorresIf you want to avoid food poisoning, five foods should be banned, as he reported United States today. Here they are.

cured meat

Do you want a sandwich on the beach? Avoid cured meats. According to Dr. John Torres, any meal that contains cured meats must be refrigerated until it’s time to eat. If it is really impossible to give it up, you should use a thermal bag or a refrigerator that can keep the contents below 4 degrees, because beyond that the bacteria develop very quickly. Once out of the fridge, you have two hours to eat them or an hour if the outside temperature exceeds 32 degrees.

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The green salad

According to a study published in Food Protection Journal reveals that green vegetables, and more specifically salad leaves, can cause food poisoning. So, Torres, recommends storing the salad in an airtight container until ready to serve.

The mayonnaise

Potato salad with mayonnaise is still one of those great things that causes a lot of problems "Dr. Torres told United States today. In fact, this egg-filled sauce can cause many ailments.

Raw meat

Raw meat on the beach in the sweltering heat? Torres strongly advises against bringing any to the beach. The meat should be eaten well cooked, and in any case within two hours of cooking if the external temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

Pre-cut fruit

According to the doctor, Pre-cut fruit can be a dangerous food for your health. Because they are placed in plastic packaging, they can heat up more quickly than other foods and attract insects. He recommends bringing whole fruits (like watermelon) to the beach to slice directly on a clean cutting board. Now you will know.

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