“I will divorce you”: T-killah explained under what conditions he cannot be with his wife

We are used to looking at the family paradise of T-killah and Maria Tarasova. However, there is still a situation where couples cannot be together.

T-killah and Maria Tarasova. Photo: social networks

The artist published a new vlog on his YouTube channel. There the couple began discussing the possibility of Maria’s musical career. The journalist admitted that if she wants to become a singer, she will definitely ask for help from her husband. True, he didn’t like the idea very much: “We wouldn’t work very well together. Then I would probably divorce you.” “Remarry?” – Maria joked. Alexander Tarasov flirtatiously answered “Yes” and then noted that it would be difficult for them to engage in such an activity due to different psychotypes.

Let us remind you that T-killah and Maria Belova (maiden name of the journalist). Note ed.) came together in 2016 as part of the Meet For Charity charity project. In 2019, the stars officially became husband and wife. Now the couple is raising their son Ivan-Lionel together, who will be born in the spring of 2023. At first, Maria Tarasova and T-killah did not show their faces for a long time. However, they no longer hide their baby and regularly post photos and videos of him.

T-killah and Maria Tarasova with her son. Photo: social networks

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