Twin Peaks director David Lynch announces his new project

The 78-year-old cult director announced his new project on social networks. David Lynch announced the release date.

David Lynch. Photo: Getty Images

The author of “Twin Peaks” and “Lost Highway” has struck a chord with fans of the genre: “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s going to be something you can see and hear. It’s going to happen on June 5,” Lynch said. By the way, this video was the first video the producer shared on social networks in the last year and a half.

It is still unknown which project David Lynch is talking about. This could be a movie, TV series or series. David Lynch’s last feature-length directorial work, Inland Empire, was released in 2006. He then directed short films and hosted the third and final season of Twin Peaks in 2017.

Let’s remember, in December last year, it was learned that the director divorced his wife Emily Stoufl after 14 years of marriage. Read more here.

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