Top 10 Netflix Movies: They’re So Popular That They’re Constantly Watched

Top 10 Netflix Movies: They're So Popular That They're Constantly Watched

Fans of these hits have only one regret.

What Netflix cannot deny is its ability to produce creative ideas and collect sensational projects. Perhaps this is exactly what the streaming service’s financial success rests on, as millions of viewers are willing to subscribe to it just to watch their favorite movies.

And most of these people regret not being able to erase their memory and see these 10 paintings as if for the first time:

Adam McKay’s satire “Don’t Look Up” received thousands of rave reviews from casual viewers for its harsh mockery of the American political system in particular and the capitalist system in general. This same point greatly confused professional reviewers, who were divided in their opinions and unwilling to discuss government corruption, the negative impact of social networks and the degradation of society. One way or another, the film is recommended for both foreigners and Russians who value irony, black humor and bitter truth.

Sam Hargrave’s Tyler Rake: Rescue Mission is a different kind of film. This is a crime thriller that embodies all the advantages of the genre: colorful images, dynamic action scenes, competent staging of chases and gunfights and, of course, a charismatic protagonist. Fans also consider realism as a plus, which helps to immerse yourself in the story and forget about everything for two hours. The eventful plot was also highly appreciated by critics, who named the film the best action film of 2020.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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