The mansion in the Home Alone comedy is up for sale

Macaulay Culkin. A still from the movie Home Alone

The famous house in which Kevin McCallister strikingly opposed the “wet bandits” is now available for purchase by anyone. The property from the movie Home Alone is up for sale.

McCallister’s mansion. Photo: A still from the movie “Home Alone”

Anyone can buy a historic mansion for 450 million rubles. In addition to five bedrooms and six bathrooms, it also has a gym, a modern cinema and an indoor sports court.

“This home has it all,” Realtor Don McKenna told PEOPLE. It’s iconic, full of modern amenities and located in one of the best neighborhoods in the country. Photos of the legendary home’s interior also appeared on the site.

The building, built in 1921, has an area of ​​850 square meters and was restored in 2018. The foyer, entrance staircase, living and dining rooms were kept as they were. The rest of the mansion is equipped with the latest fashion and technology.

The vintage property was previously owned by Tim and Tricia Johnson, who purchased it in 2012 for a third of the price, according to Mansion Global.

Source: People Talk

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