‘Popularity is not his responsibility’: viewers demand security guard fired from Cannes Film Festival

Kelly Rowland. Photo: Legion-media

The Cannes Film Festival is over, but the red carpet security guard scandal is gaining momentum. The woman argued with three celebrities at the same time.

Fans of the stars demand the removal of job security. “He transformed himself into the world’s most hated security guard” “It is no coincidence that the same guard caused a scandal three times. Popularity is not his responsibility,” people write on social networks.

The first person a security guard targeted was singer Kelly Rowland. According to the former Destiny’s Child member, the woman in uniform rudely assaulted her. Security also addressed 39-year-old actor and TV presenter Massiel Taveras with the same allegations. He tried to force the girl towards the entrance, so he almost got slapped in the face.

Situations with security guards on the red carpet in Cannes. Photo: social networks

The security guard’s third conflict was with K-pop star Yuna. The woman did not allow the singer to pose for the cameras in Cannes and rushed her inside. However, some commenters sided with the employee and judged him to be too zealous in carrying out his duties.

Source: People Talk

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