“Please respect the pizza!”: Chef Gordon Ramsay’s fans revolt over his new dish

Gordon Ramsay. Photo: Getty Images

Chef and restaurant owner Gordon Ramsay has been angered by his own fans. They couldn’t forgive him for the bean pizza.

Ramsay posted a video on his social networking page where he prepared a pizza and topped it with eggs, sausage and bacon. The chef found the classic tomato sauce boring, so he showed him a mixture of beans, tomatoes and the ingredients of the famous alcoholic cocktail.

Contrary to the chef’s expectations, subscribers did not like his work. “You are a pizza killer! Don’t come to us again!”, “Please respect the pizza!”, “This is painful to watch!”, “You lost me along with the beans, brother,” Ramsay’s subscribers write on the Internet.

This isn’t the first negative review Gordon Ramsay’s food has received. Recently, the star’s followers criticized her “14 days of gorgeous duckling”.

Source: People Talk

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