Come June, these 3 new Netflix movies and series will obsess over you

This film with a crazy plot, this sulphurous series and this Korean miniseries will be talked about in June on Netflix.

Between the return of the film Lolia In spite of myself with Lindsay Lohan (the original 2004 film, not its bad remake) and the arrival of Our opposite stars, the teenage love story that made the world cry in 2014, Netflix announces a month of June dedicated to fiery passions. But in the catalog of releases, 3 titles particularly caught our attention.

The Bridgerton Chronicles – Season 3, Part 2, June 13

Broadcast in mid-May, the first part of the third season of Bridgerton ended with a climax of sensuality. Colin Bridgerton confessed his feelings to his longtime friend, Penelope Featherington. What followed was a particularly steamy sex scene in a carriage (a sequence that made fans react even more because it was partly improvised).

Once these feelings are revealed, all that remains is to know the rest of the adventures of the new couple Colin and Penelope. How will the Bridgerton family receive the news? Response on Netflix, June 13.

Hierarchy: miniseries available from June 7, 2024

This new Korean miniseries takes us into the corridors of prestigious Jooshin High School, the most exclusive structure in South Korea. Normally only students chosen at birth can attend this high school. If a handful of rich kids rule the roost at school, the arrival of a the mysterious new student will break the established order. Between romance and mystery, Hierarchy should delight fans of crazy Korean series power relations and their disastrous consequences on human relations.

Under the Seine: film available from 5 June 2024

Are you already tired of the Olympics? Here’s a film that should fuel your cruelest impulses, with a delightfully gory, WTF plot.

Summer 2024: Paris hosts the triathlon world championships on the Seine for the first time. Sophia, a brilliant scientist, is alerted by Mika, a young ecology activist, the presence of a large shark in the depths of the river. They have no choice but to ally themselves with Adil, commander of the river police, to avoid a bloodbath in the heart of the city…

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