BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN will have a sequel from DC Comics

One of DC’s best Batman stories, Batman The Long Halloweenis getting a series of sequels with Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween.

Jeph Loeb returns to write the ten-part mystery story, which will develop from the events of 2021 Batman The Long Halloween Special. Loeb worked with artist Tim Sale on these comics, but after Sale’s death, Loeb would be joined by several artists including Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets, Detective Comics, Batman Who Laughs), Dave Stewart AND Richard Starking.

Other artists include Klaus Janson (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Detective Comics, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight), Marco Chiarello (Batman: Black and White, Batman/Houdini: The Devil’s Workshop), and more to be announced later.

Loeb said in a statement: “Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween it’s Tim Sale’s parting gift to me. Tim and I had already decided to tell this last next chapter Batman: The Long Halloween Specialwhich will serve as a prologue to this action-packed 10-part mystery.”

Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween is described as an ongoing 10-part mystery. In the first issue, “Gotham City learns to fear Halloween once again when a terrible event threatens to destroy Jim Gordon’s life and tests Batman and Robin’s teamwork more than ever. In a city of liars, masked vigilantes and criminals… can anyone be trusted?”

Loeb continued: “Tim’s unfortunate passing put our plans for this series on hold. About a year later, after speaking with Mark Chiarello and Richard Starkings, my partners on previous Long Halloween titles, we decided it was time just to carry this project forward.” a tribute to Tim, who continues to be with us in spirit.

He added: “This story forever concludes the war between the monsters and the crime families, as Batman, Robin and DC’s most infamous Bats clash with Holiday, and secrets dating back to Batman The Long Halloween Special will be revealed.”

Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween #1 will be available on Wednesday 25 September.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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