Spritz Nails: what is this bold trend that will liven up your summer manicure?

When sunny days return, it’s an opportunity to be a little more daring and focus on manicures with more intense colors. Well, a new trend is coming: Spritz nails.

Spritz is an Italian cocktail based on Aperol, a sort of liqueur whose intense orange color is particularly recognizable. This citrus shade is right at the center of the season’s trends as a manicure, called Spritz Nails, is dedicated to it. In the form of French, nail art or even all-over… This recognizable orange with almost fluorescent accents adapts to your desires and inspirations.

If you have any reservations about how to start (because this bold shade isn’t the most discreet), know that there are solutions to make it more wearable, as nail artist Metta Francis explains UK fashion designer :

“You can't go wrong with an orange French, half moons, asymmetrical tips or wavy designs. A chrome powder or top coat will give your nails a beautiful shiny look. »

A trend that echoes the Pantone color of the year

While Spritz orange is at the heart of current manicure trends, this shade actually comes from the Pantone color of the year 2024 called Peach Fuzz. Rather pastel, this shade of orange is in the same palette as peach or apricot. Very delicate, this color is ideal for those who want to obtain a light and discreet result. At the same time, the trendsetters have therefore chosen to highlight another more energetic shade, which will appeal to the most daring among us, Spritz nails. Do you want to try them but don't know how to adopt them yet? Here are some inspirational photos to show your nail artist...

A little inspiration



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