Tibo InShape is now the biggest French YouTuber, and this is very worrying

In a public service video, Usul and Lumi analyze Tibo InShape’s use of its enormous power of influence. They analyze the content of a YouTuber who is much less apolitical than he claims, beyond his muscles and good humor.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday May 26th, Tibo InShape dethroned Squeezie in the Youtube kingdom. If their counters followers both are displayed 18.9 million, Thibaud Delapart now has about 20,000 more subscribers than Lucas Hauchard.

But beyond a simple race for influence between two French content creators, this event says many things the trivialization of right-wing and far-right ideas in public space. So much so that on Youtube, the border between entertainment and propagation of a fascist ideology it is increasingly cloudy. Usul and Lumi analyzed this phenomenon perfectly in “Rhinoceros”, for which they show their media criticism gust.

Our reconnaissance: Tibo InShape, a very useful idiot

A big smile and muscles, at the service of weapons and repression

At first glance, we are tempted to take the contents of Tibo InShape lightly. We can have fun, have fun with this character with a blissful smile and always exciting content. At 32, the content creator oscillates between interviews with people with unusual backgrounds, sporting challenges, to react…But, if we look at it, the Tibo InShape universe is infinite less neutral than what he claims.

The controversies sparked by the YouTuber are countless. Sexism, transphobia, ableism, racism, chauvinist and fascist ideology : everything goes. On his social media and on his YouTube channel, the values ​​of the company – work, merit, money and content reactionary It is coated with a glaze of traditional formats.

“Tibo InShape embraces all the reactionary anxieties of his time”

Usul, for Explosion

Instagram screenshot from TiboInShape

A fascist ideology?

Based on interviews, true stories or racist, sexist and transphobic tweets that YouTuber content is full of, Usul and Lumi analyze how Tibo InShape distills and popularizes these ideas by depoliticizing them.

The creator of the content may very well claim to be neutralitywe are impressed by ideological implications an engaging video with the police or army, in a duet with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to encourage young people to do so enlist or become prison guard. Indeed, this character “nice idiot” to millions of subscribers, who like flamethrowers and shooting flashballs ” bad guys “ (that’s what he calls protesters) became “an important tool for government”as Usul analyzes.

In TiboInShape content, ideology turns into entertainmentInsured by a muscular guy with a blissful smilewho calls women “the small ones with the big wheels” and explains that he likes washing dishes because it makes his girlfriend happy and so she lets him do it “Don’t make love anymore”.

Ideology under the guise of neutrality: the jackpot

Beyond Tibo InShape’s content easily accessible on his channel, Usul and Lumi focus on interviews with the influencer in which he explains that this strategy is perfectly established. By going beyond the affirmation of his ideas (publicly expressing his membership of a political party, for example), Tibo InShape would risk split and therefore, to scare the sponsors with whom earn money. All that remains is to transfer this ideology onto the account ofthe passion for fighting, big wheels and the fear of insecurity, to become number 1 on Youtube. Luckily, it shows how “Rhinoceros” offer spaces to step back and reflect, through which we can remind ourselves of this racism, sexism, classism and transphobia are neither one nor the other “opinions” neutral, nor entertainment.

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