“A real miracle”: Mark Eidelstein shares his impressions of winning at Cannes

Sean Baker’s film Anora, starring Russian actors Yura Borisov and Mark Eidelstein, received the Palme d’Or at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The director does not yet know whether the film will be released in our cinemas. According to him, this is a rather complicated process, but he hopes that the problem will be solved.

Mark Eidelstein. Photo: Legion-media

Eidelstein talked about his victory at the festival. A friend of his gave the good news to the actor while he was filming another project. “I screamed! I never thought about the award, I just knew that we had made a good film that would definitely make the world brighter. It is a real miracle that this happened. We hope that everyone who watches “Anora” will experience the same sense of wonder. I would like to believe that this is not just a victory at the festival, but something more ,” Kinopoisk quotes Mark.

Sean Baker, Mark Eidelstein, Yuri Borisov and other members of the Anora film crew. Photo: Legion-media

Let us remind you that we have previously explained why “Anora” arouses conflicting emotions in the audience and why the film is praised and criticized.

Meanwhile, Mark Eidelstein has already won the love of Russian viewers. He took part in major projects such as “One Hundred Years Forward”, “Adil” and “Yay”.

Source: People Talk

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