Here are the 3 most sought after luxury brands on Vinted

So what are the most resold luxury brands on Vinted? And which articles in particular? The Lithuanian platform publishes its first report on the issue. And Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci rank quite well.

If buying luxury goods on Vinted has long been scary, for fear of coming across counterfeit products, the most popular second-hand goods platform in Europe has been offering an authentication service since October 2023. Enough to reassure many people. The market just released its first trend report dedicated to luxury, May 24, 2024. And the findings based on data from January 2020 to April 2024 say a lot about Europeans’ relationship with second-hand luxury. We can also gain valuable insights into what can easily be resold and repurchased on Vinted. If you’re looking to buy a second-hand Louis Vuitton bag or are looking to get rid of a model that’s gathering dust in your closets, for example.

What are the best-selling luxury brands on Vinted?

Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci are the best-selling luxury brands on Vintedreports the Lithuanian second-hand platform founded in 2008:

“Louis Vuitton stands out above all for the speed with which the brand’s products find buyers on the platform. The Vinted community also shows a strong attraction to Hermès, Dior, Saint Laurent and Prada. If Cartier has seen its popularity increase compared to last year, Balenciaga, however, has seen a slight decline in interest. »

What luxury items are trending on Vinted?

The Neverfull MM bag by Louis Vuitton is sold new for 1,500 euros on the house’s eshop.

In 2024, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag (Medium model) and the Moncler Maya jacket they are the most popular high-end items among Vinted members, in all markets combined. In detail, by country, the Lithuanian platform reports interesting statistics:

” In Francethe pair of Dior B22 sneakers is highly coveted, while at United Kingdomthe Wyndham parka by Canada Goose and the Dionysus mini bag by Gucci are among the most sought-after items.

In Spainpreference goes to Zimmermann suits while inside Polandit is the Celine Triomphe and Lady Dior bags that are the most examined

Members Dutch showed a strong interest in Maison Margiela’s Tabi ankle boots, launched in 1988, and Chanel’s 2009 Cambon bag.

In Germany, the MCM Shopper bag and the Louis Vuitton clutch from the 90s sparked a lot of reactions. »

The Moncler Maya short down jacket is sold for 1,380 euros new on the maison’s eshop.

Luxury trends by country

Looking at buying and reselling habits by country, Vinted sees some interesting trends.

Luxury archives from the 80s and 90s are especially sought after right now.

In general, the top 10 of all markets of the Old Continent is more or less the same, but each time with a hint of chauvinism. Therefore, the best-selling luxury brands in France are Chanel, Hermès and Dior. In the UK Mulberry is in the top 3. Fendi and Gucci are obviously favorites in Italy. Loewe in Spain. Or even MCM in Germany.

Note that some countries have more sellers of luxury goods and other buyers. Italy therefore has more sellers than buyers, and vice versa for France.

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