Sniffy, what is this white powder that is very reminiscent of cocaine?

For several days Sniffy, a white powder that is inhaled through the nose and which provides energizing effects, has been making waves on social networks, in particular due to its resemblance to cocaine. However, this substance is legal.

A white powder, which is inhaled through the nose, sold by the gram, and which provides immediate energizing effects. No, it’s not cocaine, but Smellyrecreational and legal powder, sold in tobacconists.

Since Tuesday 21 May there has been a lot of talk about this substance after the publication of a column in the program The big week from M6, on Instagram, as we can see below.

This product combining caffeine, creatine, L-citrulline, taurine, beta alanine, maltodextrin and L-arginine is presented as a “food supplement”. It produces energizing effects similar to cocaine and is available in tobacconists because it is legal.

A powder that is not dangerous but which “popularizes the world of cocaine”

However, according to doctors, if it is less dangerous than what we call the “rich people’s drug”, its appearance is problematic, and would trivialize the way cocaine is administered, as reported by Huff Post, Bernard Bassetdoctor specialized in public health and president of the French Addiction Association.

The real problem is the message behind it and the striking resemblance to cocaine. This product trivializes the use of a stimulant to party and popularizes the world of cocaine through a scandalous gesture »

Bernard Basset.

With our colleagues at 20 minutes, William Grzychmedical biologist in biochemistry specialized at the University Hospital of Lille, believes that the components are not necessarily dangerous, but pose a risk “ doses and methods of consumption, which can lead to overdose and have long-term consequences".

Furthermore, he specifies that inhaling this substance through the nose allows it to immediately enter the blood circulation, and also carries a risk of damage to the nasal septa, according to the expert interviewed by 20 minutes.

For his part, the creator of Sniffy, who is anonymous, defended himself in front of our colleagues, and promises not to target young people. It remains to be seen whether they will stay away.

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