Is it just public relations? There is still no evidence of an attack on Bianca Censori

Kanye West and Bianca Censori. Photo: Legion-media

The case of the attack on Bianca Censori took a strange turn. There was no evidence that Kanye West’s wife was abused. Additionally, participants in the story do not contact the police.

Law enforcement is investigating an incident where a celebrity was allegedly attacked by a man at Disneyland. A rep for husband Kanye West said the alleged villain literally threw his hands around.

As soon as Bianca informed Kanye, he rushed to his girlfriend’s defense and hit a man matching Bianca’s description in the face. It was later revealed that this was not the same man Censori encountered, but his twin brother.

Police responded to the incident, but all three are now quiet, according to law enforcement, TMZ reported. They may have resolved the situation privately. In any case, the case will remain open until the twins and the rapper make contact.

Source: People Talk

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