“This is very interesting”: Fyodor Bondarchuk’s sister spoke about the director’s children

Natalya Bondarchuk believes that her nephews are remarkably similar to their famous father. In the RTVI YouTube program “Legend”, the director’s sister said that her children are a copy of their parents.

Fedor Bondarchuk

The filmmaker said his brother often sent him photos of children. Looking at the pictures, Natalya drew attention to the similarity of her nephews with Fyodor Bondarchuk. According to him, they have the same “slanted eyes, those cheekbones.” “This is very interesting,” Bondarchuk said.

Sergei Bondarchuk. Photo: social networks

According to Natalya, the most handsome person in the family is Konstantin Kryukov. The director added that he was “like an angel” in his childhood.

Let’s remember that Fyodor Bondarchuk had children from his marriage with Svetlana Bondarchuk. Son Sergei followed in his father’s footsteps by choosing the film industry. Little is known about the life of Varvara’s daughter, as her star parents hid her from excessive public attention. The director also has a son named Ivan from Paulina Andreeva.

Source: People Talk

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