Elizabeth Hurley, 58, explains why she refuses to over-explain the footage

Elizabeth Hurley has a slim figure. The actress does not hesitate to share photos in swimsuits and underwear on her personal blog. But she admitted that she has now become more selective about professional photography advice when it comes to deciphering outfits.

Elizabeth Hurley Photo: Getty Images

According to the star, it is undeniable that the body changes with age. And she wants to look attractive in the eyes of her fans. Elizabeth explained that high-definition cameras highlight body imperfections that can only be hidden by clothes. “I only show very small parts of my body now. “Because you know, as you get older, your skin is not as good as it used to be,” Hurley told Times Radio. said.

Elizabeth Hurley. Photo: social networks

In addition, the celebrity noticed that the public has a negative attitude towards nude photos on the Internet. According to the actor, his colleagues began to behave more modestly on the red carpet in order not to be exposed to criticism from the audience. And people don’t like it. Why do they need this? “Nobody likes that,” Elizabeth concluded.

Let us remind you that Hurley previously showed off her figure in a coral bikini and white shirt. The artist said that he adheres to a healthy diet and eats food grown in his garden.

Source: People Talk

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