“He talks and cries”: Sergei Zhukov revealed his daughter’s main fear

Sergei Zhukov and former soloist of VIA “Slivki” Regina Burd are raising four children. The singer named two problems that worry her daughter Nika: bullying and parents’ divorce. According to the artist, most of the girl’s classmates are growing up without a father. He was afraid that this misfortune would affect his family.

Sergey Zhukov. Photo: social networks

Nika honestly told her father about her experiences. “My daughter comes to me and cries: “Aren’t you going to divorce?” I ask: “Where did you get this from?” Why did you suddenly ask this question?” “Well, because now everyone’s fathers are leaving,” Zhukov said on the “Media People” program.

Let us also remind you that the singer previously shared photos of herself performing on stage with her daughter Nika and son Angel. It is worth noting that the girl tried herself as an actress. Nika starred in the musical drama “Crybaby”, produced by her father.

Zhukov’s eldest son also does not lag behind his sister. The kid releases his own songs, acts in movies, and even has experience hosting a television show.

Source: People Talk

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