The 5 most trendy colors of summer 2024

I agree, as summer approaches you want to dig deeper into your wardrobe and pull out all the black things. Of course, there are exceptions that cannot be separated from completely black even on the sunniest day. Especially for this category of fashionistas, we have prepared an article in which fashion phenomenon Alyosha Slavko tells us how to combine black items in an unusual way.

But this is not about that now. Today we propose to take a journey “around color” (read: learn a little more about the most fashionable shades of this summer). This season, designers rely on pastel shades, from sky blue and lilac to cream and olive. And stylists recommend mixing them together. For example, light green will look great with dusty pink.

That’s why we’ve rounded up seven trendy shades that are definitely worth considering for summer looks.

butter color

The most trendy shade of yellow this season is butter. We see her more and more not only on social media feeds but also on the runway. For example, a three-piece suit in soft yellow was seen at the 3.1 Phillip Lim fashion show; Leather dresses were the focus at the Bally and Bottega Veneta shows, but Balmain relied on shoes in trendy colours. Pale yellow elements will look great with other pastel shades: from sky blue to mauve. And in a duet with white or black, this color will look advantageous.

sky blue

Creative directors of Prada, Gucci, Akris, Fendi, Proenza Schouler and many other brands rely on this airy hue. And it is worth noting that sky blue is the ideal solution for summer. Firstly, this shade is quite universal and looks harmonious in both classic and evening looks. Secondly, the trendy color makes the outfit visually more airy and light (this is important for the summer season).


If you think that red and all its shades are a thing of the past, you are very wrong. Designers, stylists and fashion influencers still continue to experiment with the color of passion, and I must say, they do it with such confidence that you want to follow their example. By the way, red doesn’t need to be central, you can complete the look by adding a brightly colored bag, belt or headpiece.


Lilac is another pastel shade to consider this season. Designers from Carolina Herrera, Az Factory, Maison Margiela, MSGM and many other representatives of the atelier voted in his favor. The main feature of this color is its incredible ability to make any image more romantic. Isn’t this the most important thing about summer?


Judging by the number of pastel shades, we can easily say that they rule the roost this season. But the fashion community recommends not to forget about the festive golden color. Tove appeared in the spring-summer collections of Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti, Di Petsa and Ralph Lauren.

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