PMA, filiation and homosexual parental families: we talk about it with Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel

On Tuesday 7 May we hosted activist Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel at the Apéro des Daronnes, the monthly show about parenting, which adds milk to your cocktail. And here’s the reply!

It was an intense and eventful show, which fascinated us. For almost two hours my colleague Charlotte Arce and I were able to talk Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtelthe activist at the origin of the collective #SEOlesbian – which forced Google to give up the pornographic reference to the word “lesbian” – and which is engaged for the second time in a PMA project.

PMA, parenthood, filiation and political lesbianism

On the occasion of Family Pride Festival which takes place on May 18th and 19th at the Cité fertile (Pantin), we were able to ask a lot of questions to Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel, in our show l’Apéro des Daronnes. Mother of a child and in the PMA project—or more correctly called AMP for medically assisted procreation—she detailed her first PMA trip before it was legal in France, but she also gave us a lot of information about difficulties faced by same-sex couples in France. Filiation, co-parent recognition, activism and exhaustion, Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel offers with passion and pedagogy.

Meet Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel at the Family Pride Festival

If you want to listen (again) to Fanchon Mayaudon-Courtel, you can find her, with other participants, this weekend of 18 and 19 May 2024 at the Fertile City of Pantin, on the occasion of the Family Pride Festival, of which Madmoizelle is proud to be a partner . For two days there will be conferences, workshops, round tables and meetings, but also drag shows for the little ones, a Queer Disco Glitter evening, a comedy set and, obviously, something to drink and eat.

Two days of celebration that will allow families to meet and talk! Don’t forget to book your passes and say hello if you see us passing by with our camera.

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