‘She screamed in terror’: Ryan Reynolds reveals daughter’s scary habit

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have three daughters. James was born in 2014, Ines in 2016 and Betty in 2019. The actor said that the youngest heiress has a vivid imagination. According to him, this does not always cause pleasant emotions.

Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Legion-media

The artist explained that the girl could suddenly come up to him and say: “Someone is standing behind you.” “In those moments, I feel like I’m in a horror movie, but when I turn around, I see it’s a six-foot-tall rabbit from an old movie,” Ryan said.

Reynolds added that he, too, occasionally scares children. As it turned out, in the actor’s basement is the original costume of the superhero Deadpool, whose role he played in the movie of the same name. “Then one night my child went there for some reason, noticed a silhouette in the dark and screamed in terror. So I ran downstairs and screamed. We all suffered a little from that,” the artist ironically remarked on the Today show.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that Ryan previously published photos from the filming of the third part of Deadpool on his personal blog. He noted that many surprises await the fans of the film. For example, Hugh Jackman joined the cast as Wolverine.

Source: People Talk

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