“I hate”: Alexey Chumakov revealed the disadvantage of fatherhood

Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk have been together for more than 15 years. The couple has two daughters: Amelia and Alicia. The eldest daughter was born in 2017, and the youngest was born in July last year.

Alexey Chumakov. Photo: social networks

Chumakov admitted that he likes to live in the female kingdom. Moreover, the singer understands girls better than guys, but there is one moment that scares him. “I now hate my daughters’ future husbands. Surely my future father-in-law hated me too. “We need to prepare psychologically somehow,” the artist said in the “Will Show” broadcast on TNT.

Alexey added that he was not ready to change his position yet. The artist also urged those in the studio to have as many children as possible. As it turned out, Chumakov’s wife also supports him in this matter. Julia had previously said that she would be happy to become a mother for the third time.

Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov. Photo: social networks

The former soloist of the Brilliant group boasted about the success of his eldest daughter, Amelia, on his personal blog. In April, the singer showed the girl’s culinary masterpiece.

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